License for Treasure Search

License for Treasure Search


Greece, a country with a rich history. The territory of Greece is inexhaustible in archaeological finds and treasures. Treasures, of course, mean most commonly the golden pounds of England, the most popular treasure hunt. However, research and excavation may only be authorized and will only be carried out in the presence of the representatives of the public bodies involved.



According to Article 1093 of the Civil Code, “The one who found and got into the value of a mobile thing of value, hidden in another thing, mobile or immobile, so long as his master can not be ascertained (treasure) becomes master of half the treasure . The other half belongs to the master of the thing where the treasure was hidden. “

Thus, in the case of a treasure in a public landing, half the treasure belongs to the Greek State.Even for an official excavation in private space, an excavation permit is required!The finder will not receive half the treasure, but will pay the value of half the treasure in cash (article only of Law 6133/1934).

However, the notion of treasure does not include antiquities (objects prior to 1832), as opposed to the British pounds which are “treasure”, since their owner is unknown.


To legally search for and recover treasure in Greece requires a special license.

Before searching, the scraper is required to obtain prior permission to search and excavate a hidden treasure.

Our office has extensive experience in issuing licenses for treasure search, initial license, supplementary licenses, or  extensions of licenses .



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