Loan interest rates, compound interests, floating rate of interest,  the evolution  of a bank contract, farmers’ loans, are the main activity of our law office. Our specialty is the issue of Payment Orders, as well as the objections  against payment orders. The two-sided knowledge of the subject makes our clients intact.

Floating rate notes (floaters) have no fixed, but variable interest income.

After each interest period, the new interest rate for the next period is announced by the issuer.

The respective interest rate is often based on money market rates, such as the Euribor, the European Interbank Offered Rate.

The Euribor is the interest rate that European banks charge each other on the trading of deposits. In the case of variable-interest bonds, the Borrower is thus protected against changes in interest rates by linking the interest rate to a reference rate during the term of the bond.

A number of conflicts arise when the banks do not hold the reference rate, but form an arbitrary rate. In such case, our legal office takes action.