1988 -1992 Jurisprudence in Thessaloniki University/ Greece

1992-1993 ERASMUS- Studies in Hannover Germany and MAGISTER Postgraduate study cycle(winter semester 92/93 & Spring semester 93)

24.6.1993 Acquisition of the Goethe-Mittelstufe Certificate in Hanover

1994 Graduation from the Faculty of Law in Thessaloniki

1997 He runs his law firm in Serres. Approved at the regional court

2005-Admitted to Oberlandesgericht

2017-Admitted to the Supreme Court

On the board of the consumer protection association in Serres (E.P.KA.S.)

2000-2004 Secretary-General of the Board

2004-2006 Vice-President of the Management Board

2005 Representatives of all Greek consumer associations in E.U.

2006-2007 Chairman of the Consumer Protection Association in Serres (E.P.KA.S.).

LANGUAGES: German, English, Greek